Best Eyelash Glue – Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Wearing falsies is an excellent way to increase the length and volume of eyelashes, without the hassle of building up your own natural lashes with curlers and mascara. Or, if you are not blessed with long and bountiful lashes, fake eyelashes can go a long way to creating the lash look you have always wanted. Easy to use, faux lashes have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, in terms of both look and application – propelling this beauty tool from the world of professional to mainstream.

If you’re in a hurry, these are some of the best glues to use, check them out!

Applying your false eyelashes perfectly for the first time is THE best feeling in the world. Of course, practice makes perfect but, when it comes to falsies, any professional will tell you, it’s not only about the lashes—the glue is as important. However, not all glues are created equal – some will make your eyes stream with the strong odour, others will dry too quickly and not stay in place, some will dry too white and stay too visible. If you are a falsies novice it can all be a bit of a minefield but, don’t worry, we have your back. Here is our ultimate round-up of the best eyelash adhesives for your lifestyle. Presenting the ultimate eyelash glue guide, including everything you need to know about buying the eyelash glue for you.

Best Clear False Eyelash Glue

The advantage of a clear eyelash adhesive is obvious; it dries clear making any leakage or mistakes totally invisible. Clear false eyelash adhesive is an excellent go-to for any false lash novice as it allows you to prefect your application technique, as it dries transparently and flawlessly.

Here are the top three clear lash glues on the market, as reviewed by us.

1. Georgie Beauty Faux Lash Clear Adhesive

All the best things come tied with a pink bow, and the Georgie Beauty Faux Lash glue is no different. Beautifully packaged, like a present to yourself.

This is one sleek product for the ultimate tight lashes that stay in place all day. On first application the glue appears to be a bright blue, this is specially designed so you can see the application but the colour dries totally clear. Better still, once the colour is still blue it acts as a warning that your lashes are still wet. The benefit of a clear drying application is that any little mistakes are totally hidden on your eyelid, and the stay-put application is invisible.

The unique brush applicator means it’s possible to get right into the corner of the eyes so that lashes corners don’t come undone, in a typical corner fly-out, throughout the day (a common complaint of many falsie wearers).

On application the glue is neither tacky or heavy and, with a little time effort (we recommend an oil-based eye make remover), it removes easily, without a trace.

Better still – Georgie Beauty Faux Lash Adhesive is cruelty-free and vegan, as well as gluten, sulfates, latex and BPA free. Beauty, with a conscience.

Best for: Fake eyelash adhesive for any first time lash wearer, who can get to grips with the perfect application without worrying about any potential allergies or irritations.

2. Kiss I Envy Super Strong Hold Eyelash Adhesive

The ultimate glue for the bride-to-be, this water-proof adhesive packs a punch against all emotions. Not just combating tears, this bad-boy stands up to sweat and eye-rubbing and does so whilst remaining totally clear.

Granted, the glue does have a smell on application but it’s just all those super powerful ingredients coming together to create an adhesive with great staying power that won’t aggravate sensitive eyes, even those of contact wearers. The application is sleek, and the formula initially dries tacky – allowing for some slight movement as the lashes get into their perfect place.

Best of all, Kiss I Envy Super Strong Hold Eyelash Adhesive lasts way beyond some of its competitors, with one bottle lasting over two months (and that’s when used every single day). Our top tip is to ensure that the bottle is cleaned and firmly closed after every application, to ensure there is no dry out.

On top of this, there is no faffing removing this product – it comes undone with just water and soap. Try it for yourself and see.

Best for: Clear lash glue for those who lead a busy life-style and want a faff-free product that can be applied quickly and removed just as fast.

3. Duo Brush On Striplash Adhesive

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an eyelash glue that gave back? Imagine if, whilst holding your falsies tightly in place, your eyelash glue could actually nourish your eyes and your lashes!  Well, dream no more – with Duo Brush On Striplash Adhesive you are set to thrive from the benefits of vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins come together to soothe eyes and minimise aggravation, meaning you can wear your falsies every single day.

This clever glue has a colour indicator, the glue dries from white to blue to indicate that exact time the lashes have to be applied. Once blue, the glue still remains tacky so that you can reposition and set to your liking. Then, the glue dries transparent for a sleek and flawless finish.

This glue is a miracle for any first-time falsie wearers, with an easy to use brush applicator that makes it simple to apply a very thin line without gobs or empty spots. This little bottle is deceiving, in that it lasts for ages – due to its precise applicator, which allows for very little waste.

The application is simple, the product is applied in one simple swipe and binds quickly to your lashes and stays put all day. Your eyes will thank you for this little vitamin boost.

Best for: Those who wear falsies daily and want to reward your eyes with a little nourishment in the form of vitamin A, C, and E.

Best Dark False Eyelash Glue

Once you get the knack of falsies, the look is flawless. However, one trap that novices fall into it not knowing how to properly conceal the lashes band which can be the first indication that your lashes aren’t real. Don’t worry, though, we let you into one trick of the trade, which is a dark lash glue which serves to cleverly hide any signs of a band, whilst emphasizing the eyes – much like a liner would do.

Here are the top three dark lash glues on the market, as reviewed by us.

1. Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive

What Revlon don’t know about statement eyes isn’t worth knowing! And they certainly know all about creating the professional eyelash glue. Easy to use, with a fuss-free, mess-free applicator that allows for precision application.

With Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive lashes are firmly in place, while the lashes band is cleverly blended into the lash line – even a make-up artist wouldn’t know that your lashes aren’t your own. As if that wasn’t enough, this product is totally waterproof, meaning it stands up to whatever your day (or night) can throw at it. In fact, with Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive, you can take your look from day to night without the need for touch-ups.

Despite it’s dark appearance, this waterproof eyelash glue is surprisingly easy to remove completely, ensuring that there is no glue build up on your eyelid or lashes. Our experts recommend an oil based remover, one swipe, and all residue is gone.

Best for: Dark eyelash glue for those who want a flawless and dramatic finish that takes you from day to night.

2. Darkness False Eyelashes Glue and Gel

Buy Darkness False Eyelashes Glue from Amazon and you may well be gifted a totally free trial kit featuring a toner, emulsion, cream, serum, enhancer, and eye serum. This trial kit is the perfect way to introduce you to other products that complement the Darkness glue but first, the glue itself. . .

The glue comes in cute and quirky packaging that, once opened, reveals no strong smells. The application is sleek and the hold lasts all day, even when used on heavier mono-lids or with exaggerated and weight falsies. In fact, if you like your lashes with a bit of bling, this is the glue for you, standing up to jewels, feathers and sequins alike.

You have about 20 secs of tackiness before the glue totally dries, which allows for you to correctly position the eyelash before it dries flawlessly, bonding your new lashes to your lid.

Because the product dries with a dark pigment, it eliminates the need for any black eyeliner – simply glue and go, perfect for those who like fuss-free, yet dramatic lashes.

Best for: This powerful strong binding glue is a must for those who like heavy or embellished eyelashes – feathers, sequins, multi-layer, whatever you throw at it, this glue will hold it.

3. Duo Eyelash Adhesive Dark Tone

Ardell’s Duo Eyelash Adhesive Dark Tone promises that it’s for dark lashes, but can also work with fairer blondes and red-heads who darken their lashes with mascara. The great selling point of this is the fact that it dries to a dark (almost greyish tone) that means these lashes can be worn on their own without any liner or eyeshadow. Yes, that’s right, if the glue is used alone (with some precision) it can serve to create the same look as your usual liner.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t pair well with liner, for a dramatic look just apply over your usual eye-liner and this glue will work to bind to your lashes keeping your liner perfectly intact with no white residue that you have to cover up.

The hold feels tight and firmly in place, your faux lashes aren’t coming off unless you want them to and, even then, your lashes will come off comfortably without pulling your own lashes (the downside of some lesser glues).

Best for: Professional eyelash glue for the girl on the go, who can use this adhesive and skip the eyeliner whilst still having beautifully emphasized eyes.

Best Waterproof False Eyelash Glue

Often falsies are donned just for special occasions, sometimes ones that might make us cry (tear of happiness, obviously). Or, you might want to emphasise your eyelashes when you go on holidays and don a bikini by the pool. You might even be into sports, and expect your lashes to perform as hard as you do. Whatever the occasion, we often put a lot of pressure on our faux lashes to perform hard when in contact with water (no one wants lashes coming undone when it matters the most) and it’s because of this that we bring you the ultimate waterproof eyelash glues.

Here are the top three waterproof lash glues on the market, as reviewed by us.

1. Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

Revlon features twice on our list, and no – we are not sorry! The Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive not only promises to be waterproof, it’s also latex free whilst still being as flexible as traditional latex based formulas. Simply paint the edge of your eye lash strip with a thin line of adhesive, allow it to try until tacky and then apply. No squeezing of any tubes and wasting the product.

After that, test the waterproof claims by crying, sweating or swimming – the waterproof formula will keep your lashes in place all day. This is the perfect glue for anyone interested in sports, after all, who wants the hassle of removing lashes before a work-out?  Don’t stress, this adhesive will hold your lashes in place all day, whatever activity you put them through.

Revlon is certain to up your eyelash game from amateur level to total lash professional in one easy stroke. A hard-working glue, that won’t let you down when it matters the most.

Best for: Lash glue for those with an active lifestyle, who demand lashes that perform as hard as they do.

2. LashXO Eyelash Adhesive

Boosting some benefits including being free from latex, formaldehyde, paraben, and phthalate makes this the must have glue for the conscious lash wearer. Not only this, but the added ingredient of Vitamin E strives to eliminate the typical aggravation often associated with fake eyelash wearing.

A nice touch with this adhesive is the floral scented formula, which doesn’t aggravate the eyes like some strong waterproof formulas which have strong burning fumes. But to get back on track with the waterproof benefits; LashXO promises that after a very quick application of 30 seconds (or quicker, if you dry with a hair-dryer) your lashes are set for the whole day and whatever gets thrown at them. You might find the formula a little more liquid in consistency, compared to some rivals, but, once dry, it doesn’t feel wet or tacky.

Take all the stress out of fake eyelash wearing and throw your mirror away, it won’t be needed for checks or touch ups – you’ll feel your lashes stay bonded all day.

Best for: Waterproof eyelash glue for those on the go who don’t have time for frequent touch-ups, just glue and go.

3. Callas Eyelash Adhesive

If you suffer from a fairly common complaint of a Latex allergy then know you are not alone, it’s surprisingly common and, thankfully, there are some fake eyelash glues formulated with you specially in mind. The best of these glues is Callas Eyelash Adhesive. The formula is essentially pearly in colour but dries clear within 20 seconds. The precision brush is top of its league, a tiny tip allows for exact application – simply sweep over your falsies, allow to dry and then bind to your lids effortlessly. To further emphasise the brilliance of this brush, know that its perfect for getting into tiny corners should the corners of your eyes need some super strength throughout the day.

As mentioned, the formula dries quickly but it stays tacky for a few seconds to allow you to move your lashes around until you have them in an exact location.

After the seamless application, go about your day knowing that these bad boys won’t shift (not even in water) until it’s time for them to.

Best for: The precision brush makes this the go-to for quick fixes throughout the day, making this the glue for those novices who are still experimenting technique and finish.

Firstly, what to know

When you unbox your faux eyelashes you might notice they already come with a glue, which may be perfectly fine or it might be disastrous and put you off falsies forever. Remember that your first lashes experience serves only as a learning curve and if it isn’t everything you hoped, the problem might just lie with your adhesive. Thankfully, glue can be purchased separately, so bin that standard in-the-box adhesive, and opt for a more personal touch.

The best adhesive types fall under three categories – clear, dark and waterproof. It’s trial and error as to what works best for you, but if you are totally new to faux lashes, this is all you need to know.

Clear adhesives – do what they say on the bottles! Clear adhesives dry transparently, meaning that any gobs or mistakes are totally hidden.

Dark adhesives – dark adhesives work well to hide the lash band (the join line to your own eyelashes or eyelid which usually gives away the fact that you are wearing lashes). They do this much like a liner would, adding definition and depth. This is also the go-to adhesive type for the girl that prefers to go without a liner as the adhesive creates some definition.

Waterproof adhesives – our busy lifestyles mean we demand more of our falsies and our adhesives. Perhaps you are wearing yours to a wedding and know you’ll cry, or to the beach or while working out – either way, a waterproof glue will bind your lashes so that they don’t come off unless you want them to.

Before you glue. . .

We cannot stress the importance of spot testing, which will ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction to the glue. Obviously, if you do, don’t use that glue again – there are so many adhesives on the market, you need not settle for something that doesn’t work for you.  If you have a known allergy to latex, then be sure to seek out one of the high-quality latex free alternatives (keep reading on for our recommendations).  Always spot test the adhesive 24-hours before you plan to use it.

The Difference between Strip Lash Adhesive and Individual Lash Adhesive

Strip lash adhesives are designed to stay in place for up to 24hours, the hold should be strong but the lash can still be removed as and when required (usually with just the gentlest of tugs).

The individual lash adhesive is for single strand lashes, as well as flared cluster lashes which are put in place for up to a week. These lashes demand a strong bonding glue, that usually stays in place until lashes drop off themselves.

How to apply your falsies for maximum impact

  1. Clean – Remove old makeup and build up from your eyes and lashes.
  2. Eye Makeup – Before you get to the lashes, apply some fresh eye makeup (liner, mascara or eyeshadow)
  3. Glue – put a dollop of glue onto the back of your hand and slide the base of the strip lash in the glue. Then, carefully place the strip onto your lashes and softly press the lash base toward your natural lash line until they are even. Professionals advise applying your faux lashes just below the lash line (rather than over it) for a more natural look.
  4. Line it– Once the glue is dry, simply touch up your eyeliner to sharpen the look.


9 of the top fake eyelash adhesives for you.  Whether it’s your first flirtation with falsies or even if you are a faux lash pro, these glues are what you want for flawless, stay-put lashes. Try them and see, and let us know which is your favorite. You’re welcome!

Best Eyelash Glue 2019

Best eyelash glue: Long lasting adhesive for false eyelashes and extensions plus sensitive options too

THE NIGHTMARE scenario – your false eyelash strip starts peeling off halfway through your conversation with that good looking guy at a party.

The best way to prevent such social humiliation? Invest in the best eyelash glue possible and make sure they stay put – all day – or night – long.

 Invest in the best eyelash glue possible to make sure your lashes stay put

Invest in the best eyelash glue possible to make sure your lashes stay putCredit: Alamy

So what should you look for in a good eyelash adhesive? One that’s strong and long-lasting, of course. But there are also other factors to consider.

If you’ve got sensitive eyes, you’ll need to ensure you buy a glue that doesn’t leave a stinging sensation. Do you wear contacts? It’s best you look for a latex-free option that won’t irritate your peepers.

It’s also not a good idea to search out that old adhesive you bought for that wedding two years ago – if the glue is past its sell-by date the ingredients can separate and therefore be far less efficient.

Scroll down for our roundup of the best eyelash glues that will keep your falsies fluttering – and in place – all night…

What is the best drugstore eyelash glue?

In a world where we’re overwhelmed by Kardashian-esque lashes, everyone wants full and thick lashes without the tell-tale signs of falsies.

But how do we get them to look natural without the gloopy and sticky glue peeping out from underneath?

There are a number of great lash glues on the market that will do the job.

Better yet, keep reading to see a range of drugstore and luxury glues that will secure your lashes to your lids from dusk till dawn.

Is clear or dark eyelash glue better?

Clear lash glue is a staple for those of us who love a coloured eyelid, or who might have blonde lashes naturally.

Just run it along the line of your falsies, let it sit, and stick it on with no mess.

Black eyelash glue is better for winged-eyeliner fiends.

This stuff will blend right in with your eyeliner.

1. Star Buy

 The Huda Beauty Lash Glue Dark Tone ticks all the boxes

The Huda Beauty Lash Glue Dark Tone ticks all the boxesCredit: Harrods

Nobody knows more about false eyelashes than the lash queen herself – Huda Kattan.

The former beauty blogger soared to success when she launched her first superior-quality handmade false eyelash line under the Huda Beauty brand.

So it follows that she also knows a thing or two about how to make them stay on for hours. Her lashes and lash glue are lauded by beauty insiders worldwide.

Why? For starters, the glue is black so it blends seamlessly with your lashes.

Secondly, it’s completely waterproof so won’t budge if you blub at a wedding.

Thirdly, it dries really quickly so you don’t have that moment when you’ve got your lashes in the perfect spot only for them to start sliding around everywhere because the adhesive is still wet.

Lastly, it’s super-strong so won’t fail you halfway through the night.

That’s all the boxes well and truly ticked.


2. Best All-Rounder Eyelash Adhesive

 The Duo Lash Clear Adhesive dries fast - perfect for when you're in a rush

The Duo Lash Clear Adhesive dries fast – perfect for when you’re in a rushCredit: Spacenk

This glue comes in an easy-to-use tube, perfect for beginners. If you’re using individual lashes, just squeeze a small amount onto a piece of foil and use tweezers to dip the knotted end of the lash in before applying.

More of a strip girl? Cover the whole lash line of the falsies with a small amount of adhesive before applying with tweezers.

The glue dries fast and clear, not white like some telltale adhesives, and also lasts for hours.

It’s a great buy at a good price. And it’s suitable for sensitive eyes.

  • Duo Lash Clear Adhesive, £5.79 from Superdrug – buy here

3. Best Eyelash Glue For Contact Lenses

 The House of Lashes Lash Adhesive comes in a choice of clear or black tone

The House of Lashes Lash Adhesive comes in a choice of clear or black toneCredit: Beauty Bay

If you wear contact lenses, you need to protect your eyes with a gentle formula.

Investing in a latex-free glue is a great idea, and is also good for those who suffer with sensitivity. But, don’t worry, your eyelash glue can be latex-free as well as high-quality.

The House of Lashes adhesive is the perfect example. Not only is it strong and effective, it also comes in a choice of clear or black tone, and has an easy-application brush included.

The pretty packaging is an added bonus.

  • House of Lashes Lash Adhesive, £10 from Beauty bay – buy here

4. Best Eyelash Adhesive For Individual Lashes

 Your lashes will stay on for weeks with the Ardell Lashtite

Your lashes will stay on for weeks with the Ardell LashtiteCredit: Beauty Bay

While many eyelash glues are catered towards applying strip lashes as well as individual lashes, some adhesives are formulated just for individuals.

The reason? Individual lashes are far more fiddly to apply, and are often expected to stay on for longer than a strip lash – so a super-strength glue is required.

This eyelash glue is just that -ultra-strong. So strong, in fact, that it claims your lashes will stay on for weeks.

The reality is more like one to two weeks, but that’s still a high-performing at-home adhesive. It is also available in black.

  • Ardell Lashtite, £5.75 from Beauty Bay – buy here

 Best Eyelash Glue For Strip Lashes

 The Eylure Lashfix Latex Free Strip Lash Adhesive doesn't cause irritation to the eyes

The Eylure Lashfix Latex Free Strip Lash Adhesive doesn’t cause irritation to the eyesCredit: Look Fantastic

OK, you can use most eyelash glues for strip lashes. But some adhesives are targeted just for that job, and Eylure is one of the originals – and still one of the best.

It now has a latex-free version, which has received rave reviews. It’s quick to dry and go tacky (meaning easy sticking), lasts all day, and doesn’t cause irritation like stinging or watery eyes.

Sometimes all you need is an oldie but a goodie.

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Love Island’s Dani Dyer blow dried her eyelashes… and everyone is SO confused

house of lashes glue. This lash adhesive comes with its own unique bottle with a brush for easy and precise application. This formulation is latex-free and waterproof, perfect for latex sensitive and contact wearing individuals.


DirectionsBefore applying glue, flex lash band with your fingertips several times. Unscrew glue cap to apply glue to the band of the lashes with the precision brush-on applicator. Add extra glue on the ends of the lash band for extra hold. The glue is iridescent during application but will dry clear. Wait 30 seconds for glue to become tacky and apply along natural lash line.

Remove & Reuse: Gently peel each lash from the corner of each eye for to remove. Use oil-based makeup remover to remove lashes. Remove any excess adhesive with warm water. To use lashes again, remove any adhesive from the lash with warm water and keep lashes on the lash tray.

Caution: Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid getting into eyes. If contact occurs, wash eye immediately with lukewarm water for 10 minutes. If eye irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Storage Note: Do NOT freeze this product. Freezing will render this adhesive and make it unusable.

Developed in USA. Made in Korea. Not tested on animals.


House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive is good for contact lens users and those who cannot put up with latex. This latex-free lash adhesive was created to maintain your false lashes kept down safely and securely throughout the day. Additionally it is watertight and, as opposed to some other adhesives, features a gentle flower odor. This adhesive is just accessible in clear, which makes it ideal for beginning lash users and people who favor an adhesive, which is unseen on covers. Finally, the brush-on applicator provides for simple and accurate application along with very little mess as is possible.

 House of Lashes Glue – DARK Lash Adhesive

House of Lashes Glue

This glue comes as a pack of two bottles of adhesives. These feature a dark color so that the glue blends easily with the eyeliner.

As such, you can be sure to get effective results as the dark shade helps to hide the eyelash strip.

With this adhesive, you can use any eyelashes and be sure to get a secure hold.

It acts as one of the best drugstore eyelash glues to enhance your safety. It is latex, paraben, formaldehyde, and phthalate free to assure you of safety.

Whats more is that it is an easy-to-apply high-quality formula that securely holds your fake eyelashes to ensure that they can stay on all day.


  • Stays on all day
  • It smells great
  • Great looking package
  • No allergic reaction
  • Black color blends well with the eyelashes


  • Hard to remove
  • Glue tends to overflow if not careful

Do eyelash serums work? What you should know about the popular treatment

Can one swipe of eyelash serum lead to longer lashes?

Can a swipe of serum give you longer, fuller lashes?

If you’re dreaming of doe-like lashes, but can’t be bothered with false lashes and eyelash extensions, you may want to consider an eyelash-enhancing serum. But what exactly do these treatments entail?

“They generally contain ingredients like panthenol and argan oil to smooth and condition lashes, humectants such as hyaluronic acid to plump lashes, and peptides to stimulate the lash’s hair follicle,” said Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Which treatment’s right for you? That depends on what your end goal is.

“I think the consumer needs to determine if they desire true regrowth or just conditioning and pick ingredients accordingly,” said New York-based dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah.

“Serums that do not contain bimatoprost and isopropyl cloprostenate or a comparable prostaglandin are more lash conditioners,” Shah continued, “which likely make lashes look fuller or longer by hydrating them but don’t truly stimulate growth.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any head-to-head studies comparing the effectiveness of one product to another, so you’ll have to rely on the reputation and science provided by each brand and give them a try,” Zeichner advised.

Both physicians cautioned users to be careful when trying out any of these treatments. “Apply as directed, avoiding the eyelid and eye itself,” said Shah. “Before using, patch test it on another part of the skin, such as the inner arm.”

If you develop a reaction (any redness or stinging) wash the product off right away and stop using it. If the reaction is severe, contact your physician.

If you’re interested in giving these new treatments a try, we’ve rounded up a few popular lash enhancing serums to consider plus other lash boosting options that promise gorgeous lashes in a snap.

Eyelash Serums

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner


How it works: This lash conditioner was developed by an ophthalmologist to address the signs of eyelash aging, including dry, brittle lashes. Peptides, green tea extract, antioxidants, biotin, lipids, ginseng, and plant extracts are meant to strengthen and soften lashes and prevent breakage.

Vichy LiftActiv Eyes and Lashes Serum

Vichy LiftActiv Eyes and Lashes Serum


How it works: This serum is meant to fortify lashes while acting as an anti-ager to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes. It’s made of 10% rhamnose, a naturally derived plant sugar proven to renew skin, and hyaluronic acid for extra hydration.

neuLash Lash Enhancing Serum

Neulash Lash Enhancing Serum


How it works: This serum is meant to nourish thinning lashes with a formula that contains moisture-boosting polypeptides and sodium hyaluronate. It also contains pumpkin seed extract, which is meant to make lashes appear fuller.

RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Renewal Growth Serum


How it works: Shah also liked this pick. The formula is designed to enhance the appearance of lashes and brows using polypeptides to improve the length, thickness, and volume of the hair while protecting against breakage.

Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer


How it works: Made with a blend of organic ingredients including herbal extracts, amino acids, lavender water, and coconut and aloe leaf juices, this mix is supposed to support regrowth and slow the loss of lash hairs.

HydroPeptide Lash Fuller Longer Lusher

HydroPeptide Lash Longer Fuller Lusher Eye Lash


How it works: This lash magnifier aims to improve the appearance of sparse lashes by utilizing key growth ingredients, like peptides, biotin and folic acid. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture and minimizes breakage, while antioxidants defend against environmental damage.

Envious Lashes Luxuriating Lash Serum

Envious Lashes Luxuriating Lash Serum


How it works: Loaded with natural and botanical-based ingredients — including organic argan oil, biotin, vitamins, and antioxidants — this nourishing formula promises stronger, fuller looking lashes after two weeks of use, according to the company.

Fake Eyelashes and Mascaras

If you’re looking to go the more traditional route to long lashes, we’ve also rounded up some of our favorite false lashes, mascaras and more.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes

Ardell Magnetic Lash Wispies


How it works: Invisible magnets line the “upper” and “under” lash strips. You simply place the lashes above and below your natural lashes, and the magnets will lock the lashes in place — no adhesive required. To remove, gently roll your index finger and thumb in the opposite direction and the lashes will slide right off.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous X Fiber Mascara

L’Oréal Paris Makeup Voluminous X Fiber Mascara with Black Primer


How it works: This dual wand mascara requires two steps. First, apply the black primer (which contains paraffin and beeswax), to build volume and create a base for color. Then, before the primer dries, flip the wand over and stroke on the fiber-infused pigment to add length and create a lash fringe effect.

Eylure Luxe Cashmere Lashes

Eylure Luxe Cashmere No. 6 Lashes


How it works: These “cashmere” lashes are actually made of “mink-effect fibers”, in other words, hairs that mimic the look and feel of mink. You can apply to the lash line using traditional eyelash glue, then gently peel off at night.

IT Cosmetics Tightline 3-in-1 Black Primer-Eyeliner-Mascara

IT Cosmetics Tightline 3-in-1 Black Primer-Eyeliner-Mascara


How it works: The skinny wand on this primer/mascara coats lashes at the root to create a lash-lengthening effect. Simply press the wand along the base of the lashes to deposit pigment which, in effect, lines the eyes and then coat lashes from root to tip.

Lashify Starter Kit

The Lashify Control Starter Kit


How it works: These DIY extensions, made of synthetic silk fibers, are designed to be applied under your natural lash line (not over like with traditional false lashes) so they blend in with your natural lashes. You just comb the adhesive onto to your lashes, position the extensions where you’d like them placed, then clamp the base of the extensions with your natural lashes using the application wand.

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RapidLash Review

RapidLash review | Latisse Comparison

So many of the changes that come with aging are both a blessing and a curse! Take thinning hair for example, it means less shaving of the legs and arm pits, but it also means diminishing eyebrows and lashes. I tried and reviewed the prescription lash growth serum Latisse earlier this year and while it definitely DOES grow lashes, it came with a hefty price tag and a few side effects. So when I finished my Latisse sample, I stopped using it and decided to try one of the over the counter lash serums instead.

RapidLash in Box

I purchased RapidLash Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum from Costco for $57 for 2 30 ml tubes. It normally retails at Ulta* for $50 per 30 ml tube, and on Amazon* for about $27 each. RapidLash is paraben and fragrance free, ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, safe for contact lens wearers, and not tested on animals.

RapidLash w Box

The packaging of RapidLash is compact and makes the product so much easier to use than Latisse. It comes with a thin brush that makes it easy to quickly swipe once at the base of the upper lashes or on the eyebrows.

RapidLash Tube

RapidLash contains Hexatein 1 Complex which is made up of peptides, biotin, panthenol, amino acids, soybean oil & pumpkin seed extract. Latisse contains Bimatoprost, an FDA approved drug that’s available by prescription only.

RapidLash Open Close

Since their active ingredients are so different I really wasn’t expecting great things from RapidLash. I thought it might condition my lashes and help make them look a little glossier and healthier, but I was pretty sure I’d be watching all my ultra long Latisse lashes fall out while I was using RapidLash!

RapidLash Gasket

I used Latisse for 3 months from October 27, 2014 – January 27, 2015. After I discontinued the Latisse, I waited a month for the Latisse effect to fade and I did see quite a few of my mega-lashes fall out. I started using RapidLash  on February 27, 2015 and have been using it nightly for 2 1/2 months now. I didn’t use Latisse on my brows but I noticed they’d become dramatically thinner and that I rarely needed to pluck even a stray hair, so I used RapidLash on my eyebrows too.

Let’s take a look at the before and after pictures to see if RapidLash works:
(all photos are of lashes and eyebrows without makeup & are not re-touched)

B&A Before Latisse RL Both Closed 1400

B&A Before Latisse RL Front Open

B&A Before Latisse RL Left Closed 1400

B&A Before Latisse RL Left Open

B&A Both Closed 1400

B&A Eyebrow 1400

B&A Left Open w Brow 1400

So, are you as shocked as I am?? I can’t believe it, but RapidLash actually works! And based on how often I have to pluck my eyebrows now, it may work a little too well… I think the Latisse definitely produced the longer lashes, but only by a hair ? The RapidLash lashes look darker and glossier as I thought they might, but they also look longer and more curled, and my brows are so much fuller!

So the pros on RapidLash are: Longer, fuller and darker lashes, from a product that costs less, is easier to use, did not irritate my eyes, and doesn’t run the risk of changing my eye color.

The cons are that there’s little to no scientific evidence that anything in the formula works to grow hair. I know that when taken orally, biotin helps hair grow faster from testing I did on a collagen supplement that contained biotin called NeoCell. But there aren’t any supporting studies proving that or that it can work topically.

Nevertheless, I’m convinced that it does work, and work well so I’m going to stick with it (now I’m glad I got the 2 pack)!!

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RapidLash Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum: Ulta*    Amazon*

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